Chapter 1
Getting Started

The best way to get started with Geneious Prime is to try out some of our tutorials. The Tutorial option under the Help menu provides an inbuilt tutorial with a basic introduction to the major features of Geneious Prime. Additional tutorials on specialized functions can be downloaded from our website

For additional information and help with troubleshooting, please visit the Geneious support website at

  1.1 Downloading & Installing Geneious Prime
  1.2 Geneious Prime setup
   1.2.1 User preferences
   1.2.2 Choosing where to store your data
   1.2.3 Sharing files or the local database
   1.2.4 Changing the memory available to Geneious Prime
   1.2.5 Connecting to the internet from within Geneious Prime
   1.2.6 Installing plugins and customizing features
  1.3 Upgrading to new versions
   1.3.1 Downgrading to an earlier version
   1.3.2 File compatibility
  1.4 Licensing
   1.4.1 Activate License
   1.4.2 Install FLEXnet
   1.4.3 Borrow Floating License
   1.4.4 Release License
   1.4.5 Buy Online
  1.5 Troubleshooting