1.2.6 Installing plugins and customizing features

You can extend the functionality of Geneious Prime with a variety of plugins. These can be downloaded from our website, or managed via the plugins and features preferences (Figure 1.4 ) in Geneious Prime. To access the plugins preferences, go to Tools Plugins.

This window contains a list of available plugins in the top window, which lists plugins available for download which aren’t already installed. To install a plugin, click the Install button, and for more information about the plugin, click Info.


Figure 1.4: The plugins preferences in Geneious Prime

If you have downloaded a plugin file from our website (or obtained one from another source in .gplugin format) you can install it by clicking Install plugin from a gplugin file and browsing to the location of the file. You can also install plugins by dragging the gplugin file into Geneious.

If you are running Geneious as an administrator then any plugin you install will be installed for all users on the same computer. If you are not running as an administrator then plugins will only be installed for the current user account. When upgrading plugins, Geneious may display a message indicating that it needs to be restarted in order to complete the plugin upgrade. If Geneious was being run as an administrator, it needs to be restarted as an administrator to complete the plugin upgrade.

Note that on Windows you cannot drag and drop plugins in to Geneious while running as an administrator.

Installed Plugins lists all the plugins you current have installed. Click the uninstall button next to a plugin to remove it.

Other options for managing plugins are:

Customizing features

To see a list of all the features in Geneious Prime, click Customize feature set. Features can be turned on or off by checking or un-checking the Enabled box next to each feature. You might like to turn off the Tree Builder and Tree Viewer plugins if you don’t do phylogenetics for example.