1.2.5 Connecting to the internet from within Geneious Prime

In order to activate a license, download plugins and search external databases like NCBI, Geneious Prime needs to be able to connect to the internet. If you have a firewall preventing direct access, or are behind a proxy server you may need to manually configure your connection settings.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Check the browser you are using. These instructions are for Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Open your default browser.
  3. Use the steps in Figure 1.3 for each browser to find the connection settings.
  4. Now, in Geneious, go to Tools Preferences and click on the General tab. There are five options in the drop-down options under Connection settings (Figure 1.2 ):
  5. Set the proxy host and port settings under the General tab to match those in your browser.
  6. If your proxy server requires a username and password you can specify these by clicking the ‘Proxy Password...’ button directly below.

Note. If you are using any other browser, and cannot find the proxy settings, please use the Support Button in the toolbar to contact Geneious support.


Figure 1.2: Proxy settings in Preferences


Figure 1.3: Checking browser settings