1.4.3 Borrow Floating License

This item is only available to users for a floating license administered through a FLEXnet license server. Borrowing a license allows you to borrow one of the seats of a floating license so you can use it even when disconnected from the network. Since this decreases the number of seats available for other users, borrowing can only occur with the authorization of the system administrator. If your borrowing is approved, the system administrator will provide you with a “borrow file” authorizing the borrow. To borrow a license, check “Borrow” in the menu, and navigate to this file when prompted by Geneious. Borrowed licenses have an expiry date, when they will automatically be returned to the server, but if you are finished with the license before the expiry date, please uncheck “Borrow” in the menu while connected to the network in which the license server resides, so that the license is returned to the server and is available to other users again.