1.1 Downloading & Installing Geneious Prime

Geneious Prime is free to download from https://www.geneious.com/download. If you are a first-time user you will be offered a free trial. If you have already purchased a license you can enter it when Geneious Prime starts up.

To download the latest version of Geneious Prime, click on https://www.geneious.com/download (or type it in to your internet browser), choose the version you want to download and click Download. If you have a 64-bit Linux or Windows machine, ensure you check the “64-bit” box.

Geneious Prime can be run on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The following OS versions are supported:

Operating System Version

Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS 10.8 - 10.14
Linux CentOS or RHEL 6 or higher/Ubuntu Desktop LTS, last 2 supported versions

We recommend at least the following specifications for running Geneious Prime (note that these are minimum requirements - for working with large datasets such as NGS sequences you will need a higher-spec machine):

Geneious Prime comes bundled with the correct version of Java for your OS. If you require a version that does not include Java, please contact Geneious Support.

    Installing on Windows
    Installing on macOS
    Installing on Linux
Installing on Windows

Download the installer for Windows, then double-click on it to run it and follow the prompts. The default installation location is in Program Files.

Installing on macOS

Download the installer for macOS. If the disk image does not automatically open, double-click on it to open it. Drag the Geneious icon to Applications to complete the installation.

Installing on Linux

The installer for linux is an executable script. To install Geneious Prime, open the Terminal and use the “cd” command to navigate to the location where you downloaded the installer. Then to run the installer, type sudo sh ./installer_name.sh

e.g. sudo sh ./Geneious_Prime_linux64_2019_0_2_with_jre.sh

Using the sudo command will install Geneious Prime into /opt so it will be available for all users on the machine.