1.3.2 File compatibility

Geneious data files are backwards compatible to version 6.0. Thus, files that were created in version 6.1 or higher can be exported in .geneious format and opened in any version back to 6.0. If you are using an earlier version than version 6.0 you won’t be able to open files in .geneious format that were created in a newer version. Entire Geneious databases are not backwards compatible, so when you upgrade you should accept the offer to keep a backup of your existing database. If you then need to downgrade to an earlier version you can swap back to your old database, and if you are on Geneious 6.0 or above, export any files you changed in the new version in .geneious format and import them into your old database. If you wish to export data back into a version earlier than 6.0, you will need to export the files in a common format such as fasta or genbank.