1.5 Troubleshooting

For help with troubleshooting or to request a feature, please contact the Geneious support team. You can do this either by clicking the Support button located in the toolbar in Geneious Prime, or going to our support website at https://support.geneious.com and submitting a request. Clicking the Support button will automatically send through some system information to help us assist you. If you are submitting a request through our website, please include details of your operating system and the version of Geneious you are using and as much information as possible about the nature of your problem (including screenshots to illustrate the issue if appropriate).

The Geneious support website also contains a comprehensive Knowledge Base with solutions to common problems and tips for getting the most out of Geneious, as well as a User Forum where you can post questions to the Geneious community.

You can access the support website and download user manuals, license agreements and release notes from within Geneious by going to Help Online Resources.