5.2 The Sequence Viewer

Sequences are displayed in the viewer below the document table. Annotations (Chapter 8.1 ), translations (section 5.5 ) and analysis graphs (section 5.2.7 ) are also displayed in this viewer.


Figure 5.2: A view of an annotated nucleotide sequence in Geneious Prime

   5.2.1 Zoom level
   5.2.2 Selecting part of a sequence
   5.2.3 Circular sequences
   5.2.4 Genome View
   5.2.5 The Side Panel Controls
   5.2.6 Sequence Colors
    Similarity Color Scheme
    Hydrophobicity color scheme
    Polarity color scheme
   5.2.7 Graphs
    Nucleotide sequence graphs
    Protein sequence graphs
   5.2.8 Advanced sequence view options
   5.2.9 Statistics
    Statistics for multiple sequences (lists, alignments, assemblies)
    GC content