5.2.1 Zoom level

Controls for zooming in and out on sequences are located at the top of the side panel, to the right of the sequence viewer. The plus and minus buttons increase and decrease the magnification of the sequence by 50%, or by 30% if the magnification is already above 50%. To zoom in or out by a smaller amount, hold down the alt and/or shift key while clicking the plus or minus button.

PIC zooms in to fit the selected region in the available viewing area.

PIC zooms to 100%. The 100% zoom level allows for comfortable reading of the sequence.

PIC zooms out so as to fit the entire sequence in the available viewing area.

Zooming can also be quickly achieved by holding down the zoom modifier key, which is the Ctrl key on Windows/Linux or the Alt/Option key on Mac OS X, and clicking as described below. When the zoom key is pressed a magnifying glass mouse cursor will be displayed.

You can also pan in the Sequence View by holding Ctrl+Alt (command+Alt on Mac OS X) and clicking on the sequence and dragging.