5.2.9 Statistics

The PIC Statistics tab displays statistics about the sequence(s) being viewed. If only part of the sequence/alignment or assembly is selected then the statistics displayed will correspond to the highlighted part. The length of the sequence or part of the sequence is displayed next to the Statistics option.

Statistics for multiple sequences (lists, alignments, assemblies)

GC content

For documents that are created or modified in Geneious 8.1 or later, the GC content can also be viewed in the %GC column in the document table.

The %GC column shows the percentage of A, C, G, T, U, S, W nucleotides that are either G, C, or S. Ambiguous bases that contain a mixture of GC and non-GC bases (e.g. R, Y, M, K) are excluded from the calculation. This field is available on all nucleotide sequences, contigs, alignments, and sequence lists that were created or had their sequences last modified in Geneious 8.1 or later. For contigs and alignments, the consensus sequence and reference sequence (if any) are excluded from the calculation.

For sequences within an alignment, contig or list, the %GC column only shows the overall value for the alignment. To see a table of GC percentages for all individual sequences within an alignment or contig, the sequences need to be extracted to stand-alone sequences. Alternatively, individual values can be viewed in the statistics panel by clicking on the name of the sequence to select it.

Sequences in a list or alignment can be sorted by GC content by right clicking in the sequence viewer and choosing Sort %GC.