5.1 Creating new sequences

New sequences can be imported from existing files as described in chapter 3 , or they can be created manually by going to Sequence New Sequence, or File New Sequence. Here you can paste or type in the residues for your new sequence, then enter the Name, Description and Organism for your sequence if required (see figure 5.1 ). Geneious will automatically determine whether your sequence is nucleotide or protein based on the composition of the bases you enter. You can change this by clicking the Type option. If your sequences are oligonucleotides, choose Primer or Probe as the type. If your primer contains a 5’ extension, you can specify this by setting the length of the binding region. Bases not in the (green) binding region will be included as a 5’ extension.


Figure 5.1: Entering a new sequence in Geneious Prime

To create a new sequence from an existing sequence, select the region of sequence that you want then click the Extract button above the sequence viewer, or go to Sequence Extract Regions. This will create a new sequence document containing the selected sequence.

   5.1.1 Sequence lists