Chapter 3
Importing and Exporting Data

Geneious Prime is able to import raw data from different applications and export the results in a range of formats. If you are new to bioinformatics, please take the time to familiarize yourself with this chapter as there are a number of formats to be aware of.

  3.1 Importing data from the hard drive to your Local folders
   3.1.1 Bulk import of multiple files
  3.2 Data input formats
  3.3 Importing files from public databases
   3.3.1 UniProt
   3.3.2 NCBI (Entrez) databases
   3.3.3 Literature searching
  3.4 Agents
   3.4.1 Creating agents
   3.4.2 Checking agents
   3.4.3 Manipulating an agent
  3.5 Exporting files
   3.5.1 Export to comma-separated (CSV) or tab-separated (TSV) files
   3.5.2 Exporting multiple files
   3.5.3 Drag to desktop Genbank export
  3.6 Printing and Saving Images
   3.6.1 Printing
   3.6.2 Saving Images