3.6.2 Saving Images

Choose Save as image file from the file menu. The following options are available:

Size. Controls the size of the image to be saved. Depending on the document view being saved, these may be fixed or configurable. For example, with the sequence viewer, if wrapping is on, you are able to choose the width at which the sequence is wrapped, but if wrapping is off, both the width and height will be fixed.

Format. Controls image format. Vector formats (PDF, SVG and EMF) are ideal for publication because they won’t become pixelated. Raster formats (PNG and JPG) are easier to share, great for emailing and posting on the web. If you wish to edit the file outside of Geneious, SVG or EMF format should be used. SVG files can be edited in tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and EMF files can be edited on Windows using PowerPoint, or LibreOffice Draw on Mac or Linux (the Mac version of PowerPoint can’t modify EMF files). With SVG or EMF it is possible to ungroup components of the graphic for editing, and because they are vector graphics they will scale without becoming pixelated.

Resolution. Only applies to raster formats (PNG and JPG) and is used to increase the number of pixels in the saved image. We recommend increasing the resolution to at least 300% for printing PNG or JPG files.