3.4.2 Checking agents

Once you have created one or more agents, Geneious allows you to quickly view their status in the agents window. Your agents’ details are presented in several columns: Enable, Action, Status and Deliver To.

Enable: This column contains a check box showing whether the agent is enabled. Action: This summarizes the user-defined search criteria. It contains:

  1. Details of the database accessed. For example, Nucleotide and Genome under NCBI.
  2. The search type the Agent performed, e.g. “keyword”.
  3. The words the user entered in the search field for the Agent to match against.

Status: This indicates what the Agent is currently doing. The status will be one of the following:

Deliver To: This names the destination folder for the downloaded documents. This is usually your Local Documents or one of your local folders.

Note. If you close Geneious while an agent is running, it will stop in mid-search. It will resume searching when Geneious is restarted.