3.1.1 Bulk import of multiple files

To import an entire folder and all its subfolders and files into Geneious Prime in one step, use the option File Import From Directory.... If the folder has subfolders, the folder structure will be retained when it is imported into Geneious. In version 10.1 and above zip files containing multiple files and subfolders can also be imported.

In version 11.1 onwards, Geneious supports bulk import of a mixture of SAM, BAM, GFF, BED, VCF and Fasta formatted files, allowing sequence, annotation and assembly information to be imported in a single step. Any combination of these files can be selected and then dragged and dropped into Geneious. The reference sequence will be loaded first, followed by the annotation and assembly files. Sequence IDs in the files must match for the import to proceed correctly. If no reference sequence is present in the imported documents, you will be prompted to select a reference from existing documents in your database, or load onto a blank sequence.