5.2.3 Circular sequences

When a circular sequence is selected, the default view is to display the sequence as circular. The view can be rotated by using the scrollbar at the bottom or by turning the mouse wheel. Even though a sequence is circular, you can display it as a linear sequence using the Linear view checkbox under the PIC General section.

To change a linear sequence into a circular sequence, select the sequence then go to Sequence Circular Sequence, then click Save. This will join the ends of your sequence up to create a circular sequence, but does not check for overlapping ends. Circularization will affect how some operations (such as restriction digest and map to reference) deal with the sequences.

To show a fully zoomed out circular overview next to the zoomed in view of a sequence, use the Circular Overview checkbox under the PIC General section.

The circular overview displays a green box to indicate the region currently visible in the zoomed in view on the right. All settings in the controls (apart from the types of annotations to show) have no effect on the circular overview.