Chapter 19
Shared Databases

A Shared Database provides a synchronized storage location accessible by multiple concurrent users, which behaves just like the local folders with additional Group based access controls on folders. Once logged in, folders in the shared database are available under the Shared Databases icon in the Sources panel.

Two types of Shared Databases are available in Geneious Prime. Your Geneious license will provide access to set up a basic Shared Database using Direct SQL Connection. A Shared Database with additional features and increased security is available to customers who have purchased a license for Geneious Server Database in addition to Geneious Prime.

  19.1 Using a Shared Database
   19.1.1 Overview of Direct SQL Connection
   19.1.2 Overview of Geneious Server Database
   19.1.3 Connecting to a Shared Database
   19.1.4 Removing a Shared Database
   19.1.5 Storing Documents in a Shared Database
   19.1.6 Backing up your shared database
  19.2 Direct SQL Connection
   19.2.1 Setting up a Direct SQL Connection Shared Database
   19.2.2 Administration of Direct SQL Connection Shared Databases
  19.3 Geneious Server Database
   19.3.1 Setting up a Geneious Server Database
   19.3.2 Administration of Geneious Server Databases
   19.3.3 Backing up a Geneious Server Database
   19.3.4 Audit Logging