19.1.3 Connecting to a Shared Database

This section explains how to connect to an existing Shared Database. You may need to speak to your system administrator for connection details, including the database type and your user account details. If you are looking for information on how to set up a new Shared Database to use with Geneious Prime, refer to section 19.2.1 .

To connect to a Shared Database, select the Shared Database service in the Sources panel and click on New database connection. Select the Connection Method tab that corresponds to your shared database – either Direct SQL Connection or Geneious Server Database – and enter the connection details provided by your system administrator. You can optionally choose to Connect account on start up (selected by default) if you would like to automatically log in to your shared database every time you use Geneious.

You can log in manually by right clicking on the root folder for your shared database, and selecting Connect. You can also Edit Account Details via this menu, if required.