19.2 Direct SQL Connection

A basic shared database can be set up using Direct SQL Connection, to provide a synchronized storage location for Geneious data, accessible by multiple concurrent users. To use a Direct SQL Connection Shared Database, an empty SQL database first needs to be set up using a supported database management program (see section 19.2.1 ). Once the database has been set up, users can connect to the Shared Database from Geneious Prime, add files to it and use it in the same way as the local database.

Folders added to the shared database will be shared with all users by default, but this can be configured by the Database Admin(s). Database Admins can also add Groups and set user Roles for each group, which control access to folders by granting users permission to view, edit or administrate a group.

   19.2.1 Setting up a Direct SQL Connection Shared Database
    Supported Database Systems
    Document Size Limitations
    Setting up an SQL database to use with Geneious Prime
    Supplying Your Own Database Driver
   19.2.2 Administration of Direct SQL Connection Shared Databases
    Admin Users
    User Administration
    Groups and Roles