19.3 Geneious Server Database

Geneious Server Database provides a synchronized storage location for Geneious data accessible by multiple concurrent users, with a greater level of control and increased security for data access for your organisation. This feature is available to customers who have purchased a license for Geneious Server or Geneious Server Database in addition to Geneious Prime. For information about running operations on Geneious Server refer to Chapter 20 .

Geneious Server Database is installed on a dedicated server and can be configured to utilise existing authentication infrastructure such as LDAP to secure your data and simplify account management. It provides increased security over the regular Shared Database by restricting communication and preventing access to the underlying SQL database.

Once set up, users can connect to Geneious Server Database from Geneious Prime and use it in the same way as the local database. Folders added to Geneious Server Database will be private to the current user by default, but this can be configured by the Database Admin/s. Sharing of folders can be controlled by setting user Roles, which grant users permission to View, Edit or Administer a Group. Database Admins can choose whether Groups may be created by all users, or only Admin users.

   19.3.1 Setting up a Geneious Server Database
   19.3.2 Administration of Geneious Server Databases
    Admin Users
    User Administration
    Groups and Roles
   19.3.3 Backing up a Geneious Server Database
   19.3.4 Audit Logging