Chapter 14

The cloning features in Geneious Prime allow you to simulate several different types of cloning, including Restriction cloning, Golden Gate cloning, Gibson Assembly, Topo cloning and Gateway cloning. You can also create enzyme lists, find restriction sites on your sequence of interest, and simulate digestion and ligation reactions.

The following sections give more detail on each option.

  14.1 Find Restriction Sites
  14.2 Digest into fragments
   14.2.1 Direct extraction of restriction fragment
  14.3 Creating a custom enzyme set
  14.4 Introduction to the cloning interface
  14.5 Restriction Cloning
  14.6 Golden Gate
   14.6.1 Sequence ordering, rules and assumptions
  14.7 Gibson Assembly
  14.8 Gateway® Cloning
  14.9 TOPO® Cloning
  14.10 Copy-paste cloning
  14.11 CRISPR site finder
  14.12 Analyze Silent Mutations
  14.13 Optimize Codons