14.10 Copy-paste cloning

Cloning reactions can also be simulated using basic copy and paste functions in Geneious Prime. To use this, select the region you wish to insert into your vector and use command/cntrl-C or Edit Copy to copy it. Then select the region in the vector to be replaced, right-click and choose Paste with Active Link or use the shortcut key Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V (Command-Alt-Shift-V on Mac) (see Figure 14.6 ).


Figure 14.6: Right-click menu on the destination sequence, showing Paste with Active Links option.

A new document containing the product of the copy-paste will then be created, and this document will be actively linked to the two parent documents (see Chapter 6 ).

Note: Paste with Active Link does not check for compatible overhangs. It is up to you to ensure these are correct.