Chapter 15

BLAST stands for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (Altschul et al 1990). It allows you to query a sequence database with a sequence in order to find entries in the database that contain similar sequences. When “BLAST-ing”, you are able to specify either nucleotide or protein sequences and nucleotide sequences can be either DNA or RNA sequences. Sequences can be BLAST-ed against databases held at NCBI (see NCBI BLAST), or contained within your local Geneious database (Custom BLAST).

  15.1 Setting up a BLAST search
  15.2 BLAST results
   15.2.1 BLAST hit table
   15.2.2 Query-centric view
   15.3.1 Edit BLAST Databases
  15.4 Adding alternative BLAST server locations
  15.5 Custom BLAST
   15.5.1 Setting up the Custom BLAST files through Geneious Prime
   15.5.2 Setting up the Custom BLAST files yourself
   15.5.3 Adding Databases
   15.5.4 Using Custom BLAST