15.5.1 Setting up the Custom BLAST files through Geneious Prime

Geneious Prime provides a download manager to help you download and extract the Custom BLAST files. To use it, go to Tools Add/Remove Databases Set Up BLAST Services and select Custom BLAST from the Service drop-down box (see Figure 15.4 ). Make sure Let Geneious do the setup is checked. Then click ‘OK’. After a few seconds the compressed file containing all the files needed to run Custom BLAST will start downloading. You can click ‘Pause’ to pause the download. You can add and search Custom BLAST databases as soon as it has finished downloading and extracting. If you shut down Geneious with the file partially downloaded, you will need to start downloading it again from the beginning.

(a) Setup Options
(b) Downloading
Figure 15.4: Setting Up Custom BLAST