15.5.2 Setting up the Custom BLAST files yourself

It is also possible to manually install the NCBI BLAST+ binary files. You can download the latest version of Blast+ from here:


Note that NCBI discontinued Blast+ support for 32-bit windows in 2015. If you have a 32-bit Windows system then you will need to install the last 32-bit compatible release of Blast+ from:


Choose the appropriate installer for your operating system, download and extract it and install Blast+ an appropriate location on your computer.

You will then need to let Geneious know the location of the Blast+ installation. To do this, go to menu Tools Add/Remove Databases Set Up BLAST Services and set Service: to Custom BLAST. Enter your data location or click Browse to point Geneious to the location of the Blast+ folder. Uncheck the option to Let Geneious do the setup and click OK. Geneious will now use your manually installed Blast+ executables.