15.4 Adding alternative BLAST server locations

Adding an alternative BLAST server location allows you to run BLAST searches against your organization’s server databases via Geneious Prime. Such databases might include a mirror of NCBI BLAST databases or other custom databases available to your organization. Alternative BLAST servers can be set up as Cloud BLAST on a cloud service. If you wish to set up a local custom BLAST database on your own computer, refer to Custom BLAST.

To access a database via Geneious Prime, the server location and details of the database must be added under Tools Add/Remove Databases Set Up BLAST Services. You must first add the server location, then add details of the databases available on that server (see section 15.3.1 ).

To add a server location, select Add alternative BLAST server from the service drop-down box at the top of the dialog and enter a unique name and the URL for the server. To edit or add databases available on your server (once the service has been set up), select the server location from the Service dropdown and click on Edit Databases.

Once a remote server has been added to Geneious Prime, it will be available in the BLAST options via the Databases dropdown. Each alternative BLAST service will be shown as a separate entry grouped with its databases in the dropdown menu.

Alternative server locations added by yourself or your organization can be removed via the Remove alternative BLAST server drop-down item.