Chapter 16

Workflows allow you to group Operations together to reduce the number of steps required to perform an often-used combination of Operations. Options for each Operation may be preconfigured, or some or all options ’exposed’ for configuration when the Workflow is run. Geneious Prime provides a number of example Workflows for a variety of tasks that you can try. Workflows can be run or managed via the Tools menu or the Geneious Toolbar (See section 16.1 ). Workflows can be shared with other people either by exporting and importing them, or if you are connected to a shared database, by ticking the option to share them (See Figure 16.1 ). If you have any programming knowledge you can even add customised code in Java (See section 16.3 ).

  16.1 Managing Workflows
  16.2 Creating and editing Workflows
   16.2.1 Configuring options for Operation and Steps
   16.2.2 Advanced document management
  16.3 Custom code in Workflows