16.2.1 Configuring options for Operation and Steps

For each Operation added to your Workflow, you can edit and specify values for the configurable options available for each operation. To do this, select the Step you wish to configure, and click View/Edit Options. To set the Workflow up so that the options are preconfigured and cannot be changed when the workflow is run, select Expose no options, then select the Operation options you want the workflow to use. To allow some or all or the options to be configured each time the workflow is run, select Expose all options or Expose some options. Exposed options can be presented in a number of ways as described below.

Note that for some Operations, not all options may be available when run in a Workflow. Some special Steps also have configurable options, which in some cases can also be exposed when the Workflow is running. For example, the Filter Documents Step can be exposed so that the user can set the Filter criteria when the Workflow is running.