16.1 Managing Workflows

Workflows can be accessed from the Workflows menu under Tools, or from the Workflows icon in the Geneious Toolbar. If the Workflows icon does not appear in your toolbar, you can add it by right clicking on the main Geneious Toolbar, choosing Customize... and checking Workflows. The Workflows menu allows you to select and run saved Workflows, manage your Workflows and create new ones.

The Manage Workflows... window lists all available workflows and contains options for viewing, editing, copying, deleting, exporting and importing workflows. Each workflow listed in the Manage Workflows window with an PIC icon next to it will be shown in the drop down under the main Workflows menu (See Figure 16.1 ). The order in which workflows appear in the drop down menu can be altered either by dragging and dropping workflows in the list to their desired position, or by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons (see Figure 16.1 ). Multiple workflows can be selected using Shift- or CNTRL-click, and they can then be exported or added/removed from the drop-down list in one go.


Figure 16.1: The Manage Workflows window

Workflows shared by other users in a server database are indicated by an PIC icon. These Workflows will not appear in the drop down menu unless you choose to show them. Workflows shared by other users in a shared database are only editable by the creator. However, you can use the Copy button to create your own personal editable copy of any Workflow.