2.3 The Document Viewer Panel

The Document Viewer Panel shows the contents of any document clicked on in the Document Table, allowing you to view sequences, alignments, trees, 3D structures, journal article abstracts and other types of documents in a graphical or plain text view (Figure 2.3 ). Options for controlling the look and layout of a given document are displayed in the right-hand panel. These options vary depending on what type of document you are viewing. For detailed information on specific types of viewers, please refer to the sections below:

Sequence/Alignment Viewer - section 5.2
3D Structure Viewer - section 7.2
Dotplot Viewer - section 9.1
Tree Viewer - section 12.5
Journal Article Viewer - section 3.3.3

(a) Nucleotide sequence
(b) Journal Article
(c) Phylogenetic tree
Figure 2.3: Three document viewers

To view large documents, you can open them in a new window by double clicking.

In the document viewer panel there are three tabs that are common to most types of documents: Text view, Lineage and Info. Text view shows the document’s information in text format. The exception to this rule occurs with PDF documents where the user needs to either click the View Document button or double-click to view it. Under the Info tab, you can view document Properties (meta-data, section 5.7 ) and History (section 4.6 ). Further details on the Lineage tab are given in section 6.2 .

   2.3.1 General viewer controls