2.4 The Toolbar

The toolbar contains several icons that provide shortcuts to common functions in Geneious Prime, including BLAST (Sequence Search), Workflows, Align/Assemble, Tree building, Primer Design and Help.

The Back and Forward options help you move between previous views and are analogous to the back and forward buttons in a web browser. The option shows a list of previous views. The other features that can be accessed from the toolbar are described in later sections.


Figure 2.4: The Toolbar

The toolbar can be customized by right-clicking (Ctrl-click on Mac OS X) on it. This gives a popup menu with the following options:

Toolbar shortcuts for a particular operation can also be added from within that operation’s setup dialog. When the setup options for a particular operation are opened, click the settings cog in the bottom left of the window and choose Show toolbar shortcut to add a button to the toolbar for that option.

   2.4.1 Status bar