12.5 Viewing and formatting trees

Once the tree is built it will appear in the Document Viewer window (Figure 12.3 ). When viewing a tree a number of other view tabs may be available depending on the information at hand. The Alignment View tab will be visible if the tree was built from a sequence alignment using Geneious. The Text View shows the tree in text format (Newick).


Figure 12.3: A view of a phylogenetic tree in Geneious Prime

The tabs to the right of the tree viewer contain options for controlling the look of the tree, and the information displayed on it. The toolbar above the tree provides additional formatting options, and allows you to change the root, or rearrange the tree. The subsequent sections provide more detail on these options.

   12.5.1 Current Tree
   12.5.2 General
   12.5.3 Layout
   12.5.4 Formatting
   12.5.5 Show Tips, Node and Branch Labels
   12.5.6 Automatically collapse subtrees
   12.5.7 Show scale bar
   12.5.8 Statistics
   12.5.9 The Toolbar