13.4 Primer Database

The Primer Database consists of all the oligonucleotide documents that exist in your Local or Shared Databases. The oligonucleotide PIC document type is a short nucleotide sequence representing either a primer or a probe. The text view lists the primer characteristics (Tm, GC etc). These properties can be shown in the document table. Tm is shown by default, but you can turn on others by right clicking on the table header.

Oligo sequences are created via one of the following methods:

If you select a target sequence and go to Test with Saved Primers or Design Primers Design With Existing, Geneious will find all oligo sequences in your database and offer them as options in the list of oligo sequences. There is no need to select them along with the target sequence before starting the operation.

The meta-data type Primer Info can be used to note the fridge location etc of a particular primer.