13.3 Importing primers from a spreadsheet

You can import primers and probes directly into Geneious Prime from Comma/Tab-Separated Values documents. You can either import them from the Import From File menu, or simply paste the contents of the document into Geneious Prime.

When Geneious Prime has successfully recognized the file as CSV or TSV, you will see the following dialogue (Figure 13.6 ).


Figure 13.6: Importing primers from a spreadsheet

You will be asked which type of sequence you are importing. When you choose to import primers or probes, you will receive some options that allow you to determine characteristics for them as an extra step.

Immediately below this is a preview of the first few rows of data, and a checkbox that allows you to specify that the top row is a heading row and should be ignored.

Below the preview is a list of common and additional fields, along with dropdown boxes. These boxes allow you to specify which column contains which piece of data – often, one or more of these won’t be applicable and can be left as None. Note that at minimum, you must specify a Sequence field.

Lastly, any add additional data in the form of meta-data. Clicking the dropdown box next to Meta Data at the bottom of the dialog will allow you to import values to meta-data, and clicking the + or will allow you to insert or remove additional meta-data types. Next, click the Fields... button to bring up a dialog.

An additional set of dropdown boxes will allow you to specify again which columns of data contain the fields which comprise this meta-data type. This includes custom meta-data types that you have created and saved in the past.

When you’re ready, hit OK to begin importing. When the import is complete, you may be presented with the option of grouping the sequences you imported into a sequence list. This option is recommended if you’re importing very large sets of sequences.