5.7.5 Using Meta-Data

The main purpose of meta-data is to add user defined information to Geneious documents. However, meta-data can be searched for and filtered as well. Also, documents can be sorted according to meta-data values.

Searching - Once meta-data is added to a document, it is automatically added to the standard search fields. These are listed under the Advanced Search options in the Document Table (see section 4.2.1 ). From then on, you can use them to search your Local Documents. If you have more than one Field in a meta-data type, they will all appear as searchable fields in the search criteria.

Filtering - Meta-data values can be used to filter the documents being viewed. To do so, type a value into the Filter Box in the right hand side of the Toolbar (see section 4.2.4 ). Only matching documents will be shown.

Sorting - Any meta-data fields added to documents will also appear as columns in the Document Table. These new columns can be used to order the table.