4.2.1 Advanced Search options

To access advanced search click the More Options button inside the basic search panel. To return to basic search click the Fewer Options button. Switching between advanced and basic will not clear the search results table.

The advanced search allows you to search for specific terms in specific fields of your documents. The fields available for a search can be found in the left-most drop-down box; all fields potentially available on your local documents are listed here. If you have defined a new type of meta-data in Geneious, and that meta-data field has been added to a document, then this field will also be available to search.

Advanced Search also provides you with a number of options for restricting the search on a field depending on the field you are searching against. For example, if you are using numbers to search for “Sequence length” or “No. of nodes” you can further restrict your search with the second drop-down box:

Likewise if you are searching on the “Creation Date” search field you have the following options

When searching your local folders you have the option of searching by “Document type”. The second drop-down list provides the options “is” and “is not”. The third drop-down lists the various types of documents that can be stored in Geneious such as “3D-Structure”, “Nucleotide sequence”, and “PDF” (see Figure 4.2 ).


Figure 4.2: Document type search options

And/Or searches

The advanced options lets you search using multiple criteria. By clicking the “+” button on right of the search term you can add another search criteria. You can remove search criteria by clicking on the appropriate “-” button. The “Match all/any of the following” option at the top of the search terms determines how these criteria are combined:

Match “Any” requires a match of one or more of your search criteria. This is a broad search and results in more matches.

Match “All” requires a match all of your search criteria. This is a narrow search and results in fewer matches.


Figure 4.3: Advanced Search