4.2.4 Filtering and Similarity sorting

The Filter (PIC) allows you to instantly identify documents in the document table matching chosen keywords. It is located in the top right hand corner of the Main Toolbar.

Type in the text you are searching for and Geneious will display all the documents that match this text and hide all other documents in the Document Table. To view all the documents in a folder, clear the Filter box of text or click the PIC button.

It is also possible to sort sequences in a given folder by their similarity. To use this function, select a single sequence in the document table and right-click, then choose Sort. Sort by similarity will rank all other sequences by their similarity to the selected sequence. The most similar sequence is placed at the top and the least similar sequence at the bottom. This also produces an E-value column describing how similar the sequences are to the selected one. The Remove Sort by Similarity option will remove the E-value column and return the table to its previous sorting.

Filtering on-the-fly

Filtering can be used while searching for documents via public databases, filtering data as it is being downloaded. Type in the appropriate text in the Filter Box and only those documents that match both the original criteria (as specified by the search terms) and the “Filter” text will be displayed. This is an effective way of filtering within your search results.