4.1.3 Deleting Data and the Deleted Items folder

The Deleted Items folder is located underneath the local document folders in the Sources panel. When a folder or document is deleted, it is moved to the Deleted Items folder rather than erased immediately. This means the data can be recovered if it was deleted by mistake. Pressing the Delete key is the easiest way to move the selected folder or documents to the Deleted Items folder.

To recover documents or folders from Deleted Items you can either drag and drop them to another folder or use Restore from Deleted Items (Put Back from Deleted Items on Mac OS) in the File menu to automatically move them to folder they were deleted from.

The Deleted Items folder should be cleared periodically to keep hard drive space free. This can be done by selecting Erase All Deleted Items from the File menu. Geneious will warn you if the Deleted Items folder contains a large amount of data.

To erase a document immediately without moving it to Deleted Items, use Erase Document Permanently in the File menu (or press Shift+Delete).

Many of these actions can also be accessed by right clicking on a folder or document.