4.1.2 Aliases

An Alias (AKA shortcut or symlink) is a lightweight document that references another document. By copying a document and using Edit Paste Alias this allows you to effectively have the same document in multiple locations. Changes made to either the alias or the original (including setting the name of the alias) will modify the original version of the document.

You can also create an alias by dragging and dropping a document to another folder while holding down the Ctrl and Shift (Cmd and Alt on Mac OS X) keys.

An alias appears in the document table with a little curved arrow on top of the normal document icon. To view the original that an alias was created from, right click and choose Go to Alias Source. If you wish to turn an alias document into a full document and break the link to the original, select the alias go to File Save As. This creates a new document from the alias.

Aliases have the following limitations: