20.2 Accessing Geneious Server

Assuming you have your account configured on the server, you’ll need to install the necessary Geneious Server plugins. Many of your normal Geneious plugins are already server aware but there are other plugins which are different from the standard plugins, or are exclusive to Geneious Server.

Your administrator can provide you with a download location for Geneious Server plugins. You can get them either from the Geneious Server itself or they may be hosted on a network location with the .gplugin files. If your institute has a web interface, get the URL from your administrator and you should see a page like figure 20.1 .


Figure 20.1: Download Geneious Server Plugins

Click on each plugin to download it and once you’ve downloaded all plugins, drag them from your downloads folder into Geneious Prime. You’ll probably have to restart Geneious Prime after all plugins have been installed. Note that it may take some time for the plugins to install so give it some time. Once it is clear the plugins have all installed, restart and when Geneious Prime comes back up you should now see the Geneious Server link in the Sources Panel. Click this and you’ll see a button to log in. Use the log in button to display a dialogue requiring the hostname, username and password details which your administrator should have provided you with (Figure 20.2 )


Figure 20.2: Log in to Geneious Server

Once you’ve logged into the server, you will now have access to the shared database space which will appear under ‘Shared Databases’ in the Sources panel. We recommend you create a folder for your own documents. The benefits of this folder is that the server can see anything in there without having to get it from your Geneious client. This means large documents such as NGS sequencing data can be placed in here and the server will be able to quickly access it. Also, if you log into the server from another machine, documents you put in the Shared Database will be available unlike those of your local database. You can also see other users data so this is a good way to share your documents. This is exactly like the normal shared Databases available with Geneious Prime, but this database is preconfigured and available as soon as you log into the server. Don’t try and access it any other way using the normal shared Database plugin.