20.1 Introduction to Geneious Server

If your site has a Geneious Server installed you can use it to offload many of the tasks that Geneious Prime would normally run locally on to the server, taking the processing load off your own computer. Once a job is sent to Geneious Server, it will either be processed on the server itself (a so-called standalone installation) or be handed off to a cluster running Oracle Grid Engine, LSF or PBS schedulers.

To use Geneious Server, a server-side user account is required. The server-side user account will have a server access license associated with it. Alternatively your server may have a queue licensing system, which allows a certain number of users to run jobs on Geneious Server simultaneously.

If your user account has its own access license (GSAL) then you can connect to the server and execute jobs immediately without having to wait for a queue license to become available. If your account doesn’t have an access license then you can log in and submit the job to the server where it will join the queue and execute when a queue license becomes available.