9.3 Alignment viewing and editing

Alignments are displayed in the viewer below the document table, in the same way as individual sequences. See section 5.2 for details on the sequence viewer, including basic controls such as zooming in and out, wrapping sequences, setting colors, and selecting individual or multiple sequences from an alignment. For a description of alignment statistics available in the PIC Statistics tab, see section 5.2.9 .

To edit an alignment, you must first click the Allow Editing button on the toolbar above the sequence viewer. Alignments are edited in the same way as for individual sequences - for details on editing operations and shortcut keys, see section 5.4 . If the consensus sequence of an alignment or assembly is edited, the changes are applied to all sequences in the alignment, with the exception of the reference sequence.

   9.3.1 Highlighting
   9.3.2 Alignment viewer graphs