21.1 Default data location

By default, the data location will be in the user’s home directory. You can change this by setting an environment variable which will be used by the Geneious Prime launcher such as setting a $HOME$ variable to be where you want a user to store their data.

On Windows and Linux, edit the Geneious.in.use.vmoptions file in the installation directory, and add -DdataDirectoryRoot=$HOME$/Geneious on a new line after the other settings.

On Mac OS X, edit the /Applications/GeneiousPrime.app/Contents/Info.plist and find the <key>Arguments</key> section to match the following:


A special $JAVA_USER_HOME$ variable is normally used which resolves to user.home and is what Geneious uses by default. The program will create a Geneious 2019.0 Data folder inside the directory you specify.

If you wish to hide the local folders and force users to use only the Shared Database, edit the geneious.properties file by removing the # before the line show-local-database=false. See section 21.2.2 for further details on editing the geneious.properties file.