17.2 Answering a tutorial

Import the tutorial document into Geneious (use File Import From file, or drag it in). The tutorial document and any associated geneious documents will be imported into the currently selected folder. The tutorial itself will be displayed in the help pane on the right hand side of the Geneious window. If you accidentally close the help pane, you can display it by choosing Help from the Help menu.

If the tutorial requires you to enter answers, click the edit button at the top of the tutorial window and type your answer in to the space provided. Click the Save button when you are done.

If the tutorial has a link to a Geneious document, when you click the link the document will be opened in the document viewer. Any changes you make to this document will be preserved when you export the tutorial.

When you have finished the tutorial, export it by selecting the tutorial document and choosing File Export Selected Documents from the main menu. Make sure that Geneious Tutorial File is selected as the filetype, and then give it a name and click Export.