4.5 Backing up your local documents

It is important to keep frequent back ups of your data because computers can fail suddenly and unexpectedly. A computer can be replaced, but your data is much harder to replace. The best way to back up all of your data and settings in Geneious Prime is to use the Back Up button in the toolbar or select Back Up Data in the File menu (Figure 4.4 ) .

Note: Due to the way the local database works, it is important that Geneious is not accessing the database when a backup is taken. For example, Mac users with Time Machine will have backups taken during the day but if Geneious is running operations when those backups are taken, they will not be suitable for restoring from. However, backups taken overnight when Geneious isn’t running should be fine.

Backing up your data directory manually is not recommended because the Geneious database structure is complex and many programs will fail to back it up properly.

The back up command has two options:

Backups should be stored on another drive, or can be left to general system backups safely since they are made when Geneious is in a non-running state. These backups can also be safely moved around including to other machines.


Figure 4.4: Using the backup tool

   4.5.1 Restoring a backup