21.6 Web Linking to Data in Geneious Prime

It is possible to create web links which will open data in Geneious Prime when they are clicked in another program. This only works on Windows and Mac OS and Geneious Prime has to be installed on the machine where the link is clicked. Some other programs may not support these type of links.

There are two types of links supported: one which will download and import a file into Geneious Prime and one which will select documents which are already stored in Geneious Prime.

To create a web link that opens Geneious Prime and imports a file from a given location, use the following form of URL:


eg. geneious://file=http://www.cambridgeigem.org/gbdownload/pSB1C3.gb will download and import the pSB1C3 vector from the iGEM parts registry.

The file can be of any format which Geneious Prime is able to import (see 3.2 , including plugin format. Only one file can be linked to in this way.

To create a web link that opens Geneious Prime and selects a document which is already in your local folders or on a Shared Database, use the following form of URL:


or to select several documents:


To find the URN of a document, click on the small column selector button at the top-right corner of the document table and enable the URN column. You can then right-click on the URN of a document in the table and choose Copy URN.